Dr Sarbjit Chauhan – Male, Partner

Qualifications: University of Dundee 1994, BMSc MB CLB
Special Clinical Interests: Diabetes, Joint Injections

Dr Mayooran Siva – Male, Partner

Qualifications: Guy’s, King’s & St Thomas’ School of Medicine 2002, MBBS BSc DRCOG MRCGP
Special Clinical Interests: Minor Surgery, Dermoscopically trained- able to carry out mole checks


Dr Indie Channa – Female, Associate

Qualifications: MBBS, BMEDSci ,MRCGP

Dr Saila Chatakondu – Female, Associate

Qualifications: MBBS BSc DCH DRCOG Dip Derm
Special Clinical Interests: Dermatology

Dr Salma El-Konaayyesi – Female Associate

Qualifications : MBSS, BSc(Hons), MRCGP, DRCOG

Dr Karim Hamdane – Male, Associate

Qualifications: MD, LMSSA Lon, MRCGP
Special Clinical Interests: Orthopaedics, Minor Surgery, joint injections

Dr Toyosi Nkwam Female, Associate

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP

Dr Debisi Olunloyo – Female, Associate

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP, DFSRH, DRCOG
Special Clinical Interests: Women’s medicine, family planning

Dr Sarah Ord – Female Associate

Qualifications : MBBS, BSc
Special Clinical Interests: Joint Injections

Dr Kavita Sandhu – Female, Associate

Qualifications: MBBS, MRCGP, DRCOG, BSc(Hons)

Dr Tsui-ta Smith – Female Associate

Qualifications : MBBS,MRCGP